Welcome to Allegiance NanoSolutions

Allegiance NanoSolutions is a global nanotechnology company and offers proprietary nanotech based Superhydrophobic coatings with applications in Textiles, Sports Apparels, Renewable Energy, Power Generation, Aerospace, Automobiles and Industrial Sectors.

Combining unparallel nanotechnology experience and extensive research across all areas of nanotechnology application, Allegiance NanoSolutions collaborates with clients as technology partner to help with the implementation of our nano-coatings.

aqua repulseTM

aqua repulse<sup>TM</sup>

Innovative nanotechnology based super-hydrophobic coating solution for Textiles, Sports Apparels, Industrial and Military Wear.

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ds shieldTM

ds shield<sup>TM</sup>

Innovative & Versatile nanotechnology based anti-fouling/anti-icing/anti-corrosion solution for Renewable Energy, Marine, Aerospace and Automobiles.

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Visit our Nano Coatings link to find out how our coatings can cater to your specific needs. We corroborate with our clients in finding the right fit for their particular need, assessing their ROI as well as support with technology implementation.
Allegiance NanoSolutions conducts all business with a commitment to honesty and transparency - qualities that serve as the foundation for all that we do as individuals and as a company. We differentiate ourselves in the marketplace through superior technical expertise, state of the art technology and outstanding client service, along with maintaining the highest professional standards.